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Refunds Policy


When refunds can be made?

Refunds on membership subscriptions will be made only in the following circumstances:

  • Where an R.R.E.C Limited processing error has resulted in the R.R.E.C Limited  overcharging the member for their subscription.

  • Where a processing or system error has resulted in, or allowed a duplicate membership record to be set up and charged.

  • Where a member has contacted the R.R.E.C Limited  to cancel or amend a membership payment but where the R.R.E.C Limited  has been unable to process that request in time to prevent further payment being taken, providing the cancellation request was submitted prior to the payment collection date.
    It should be noted that even if a member contacts the R.R.E.C Limited before the collection date, because of lead times required for Direct Debit or annual credit card collections it may still not be possible to prevent collection of payment.

  • Where a member is transferring to a membership category with a lower annual cost having already paid in advance for a higher cost category.

  • Where a processing or transaction error attributed to the R.R.E.C Limited  has resulted in the member incurring bank charges.

  • Refunds to annual payers cancelling their membership.