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Central Southern Section Day at Parham House & Garden

July, 25th 2023

The large grassed area near the entrance to the house and garden offered a perfect area for our cars, enjoying picnics and enjoying the company of friends in (mostly) warm sunshine and a welcome, very gentle breeze.

Most of our members took time to explore the delightful and extensive gardens which were in full bloom with a glorious display of colours and variety. The profusion of butterflies was also noted which added to the magic of the day. A few members also toured the house to discover the delights of its Elizabethan, Jacobean and later interior and furnishings including the beautifully painted, barrel ceiling long gallery which is the third longest in the country.

Several Parham visitors came to take photographs of our cars and chat to owners and the consensus appeared to be that we all had a very enjoyable day.